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The AllStar Promise:

We will do our very best to find the perfect tickets for you to any concert, sporting or special event in the world. Being avid-event goers ourselves, we know how much it means to have a great event experience.

More than just tickets…

AllStar Tickets can save you time and money when planning to attend an event. You could spend hours or even days to find what can find you the best rate or best valued hotel room close to the venue you’re planning to attend. Don’t worry about the hassle when you’ve got an AllStar on your side!

Located in the heart of Beautiful Vancouver British Columbia within sight of the major venues, AllStar Tickets is a beacon for access for the best of events in Vancouver and worldwide. AllStar was founded in 2005 with a customer first mentality that is second to none.

AllStar Tickets was founded on a customer first mentality that is second to none. So when you want your choice of tickets to any event worldwide, its guaranteed with AllStar Tickets.

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